CleanTech 2019

We have a functioning prototype, and it’s time to make it even better.

While we did not win any prizes at InventOR 2018, we certainly did not go home empty-handed. With our current progress, we decided to push onward to our next competition: CleanTech 2019. The new team consists of Blake Turner and Sean Krivonogoff. We recently made it to the finals round, and will be presenting at TechFest NW. Our goals are to turn our prototype from a proof-of-concept, to a market-ready product. We will do this by using industry-standard equipment for fuel storage.

Our biggest goal for CleanTech 2019 is to complete a ‘Hydrogen Run’ from San Francisco to Los Angeles using the existing hydrogen infrastructure. We receive our prototyping grant in one week, stay tuned for our progress!