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About Us

Turner Automotive was formed as a team in InventOR 2018, an Oregon collegiate invention competition that focused on environmental responsibility and job creation.

The 2018 team consisted of Blake Turner (founder), Harley Bruno (manufacturing manager), Aleah Avila (chemistry manager), and Mel Turner (media manager). The current team is made up of Blake Turner (founder), Sean Krivonogoff (business manager), and Mel Turner (media manager).

Turner Automotive developed a hydrogen combustion conversion kit, which provides an economical way to convert any gasoline burning engine to burn hydrogen instead. The benefits of such a conversion are affordability, convenience, and zero carbon emissions.

At Invent Oregon 2018 we had a strong presence, but ended up going home with no prizes. However we continued to push forward with our project.

We started 2019 strong. Advancing to the finals in CleanTech 2019. At CleanTech 2019, we won the grand prize as well as 2/3 of the secondary prizes. We moved on to win second place and people’s choice at Invent Oregon 2019.

This video shows the our current prototype, a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair converted to burn hydrogen instead of gasoline.